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BSI-INVEST is a Warsaw-based consulting company.

We specialize in offering value-for-money consulting services for foreign companies looking to enter the Polish market.

We offer a wide range of services such as market research, distributor search, company set-up, finding and adapting facilities as well as recruitment.

We also offer attractively produced marked reports which can be downloaded for free.

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Outsourcing in Poland (2018)

Business process outsourcing (BPO) has grown spectacularly in Poland over the past decade. However, the industry is facing challenges.

Clothing and footwear in Poland (2016)

A succinct summary of the clothing and footwear markets in Poland, market size, trade, manufacturing, trends and industry contacts.

Renewable energy in Poland (2016)

Renewable energy in Poland only makes up 12% of total electricity production. However, the sector continues to grow 15% per year.

Furniture production market (2014)

Poland is one of the leading producers of furniture. A succinct report on the industry, its potential and weaknesses.

The clothing market in Poland (2014)

The clothing market in Poland continues to grow and presents considerable opportunities. Clothing production by contrast is contracting. Our report presents a summary and can be downloaded for free!

Strzalka Red S


We offer a wide range of consulting services for companies looking to develop in Poland:

Market research

A good market analysis can save a lot of time and money. Specifically, it means answering the following questions: 1. Are the client’s products/services competitive in terms of price, quality and service compared with market  expectations? And, if the answer is positive, then 2. What is the best way of developing the market? These questions are addressed by a hands-on approach, involving desk research, telephone and face-to-face interviews with market participants.

Finding distributors, agents and suppliers

Whether you are looking to sell on the Polish market or source here, we can find the best partners. This involves a systematic approach of scanning all potential partners and successively trimming the short list to a workable number of companies. The process usually finishes with visits in the presence of the client to selected potential partners.

Mergers and acquisitions (M&A)

The fastest way to successfully enter a market is often through an acquisition. We can assist by establishing a list of potential acquisition targets, narrowing the number of companies down to a short list and then approaching them on the client’s behalf.

Company set-up

Setting up a company is far easier than most lawyers would have you believe. With a judicious use of local Polish lawyers, we can set you up cheaply and efficiently.

Finding and adapting real estate

Having determined the client’s needs, we assess the best location in Poland and look for suitable real estate. We can also supervise the adaptation of the real estate to meet your requirements.


We have a lot of experience in recruitment. Depending on the requirements, we can apply traditional methods or head hunting to find the right candidates.

Secretarial and sales

Until you business is up and running, we can provide temporary assistance in the form of secretarial support (answering telephones, making out invoices etc) and sales development (preparing sales lists, organising trade fair visits etc).

Marketing materials

We have experience in the translation and preparation of marketing materials such as flyers, catalogues and websites.

Business process outsourcing

Allow us to take over your back office in Poland.

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